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I’m wrapping up my HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification today. I’ve tried to post quotes and articles that I’ve found useful along the way through my Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. One summary I found useful (and worth posting) was a summary of 12 best practices for email marketing during Alan Perlman’s class:

  1. Identify a specific goal.
  2. Segment your list
  3. Personalize when possible
  4. Create consistency between “from name” & “from email” address
  5. Use actionable language
  6. Create Clear & Compelling subject lines and email copy
  7. Write mostly in the second person
  8. Focus on benefits (not features)
  9. Be brief
  10. Have a concise signature and footer
  11. Test your email
  12. Analyze your email

The certification is well-worth your time. Be sure to check Perlman’s “Sending the Right Email to the Right Lead” class out.