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Strong and Courageous Start-Up Leadership with Marc Andreessen

by Caleb Gallifant

Emotion and Personal Value for B2B Marketing

by Caleb Gallifant

A fundamental difference between a B2B and B2C buyer is that a B2B buyer makes decisions on behalf of an organization (or group of individuals) while a B2C buyer tends to make decisions for one person (him or herself). This has led to the assumption that B2B buyers care more about the numbers, ROI and corporate alignment than whether he or she personally identifies or connects with the service or product offered. But the folks at Kapost want to challenge this notion arguing that B2B marketing may not be as pragmatic and left-brained as many have supposed. In fact, Kapost proposes that emotion, personal value and individual connection is a profitable tool to be wielded by B2B marketers.

The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing: Customer Optimization

by Caleb Gallifant

So you’ve heard of big data, the internet of things (IoT) and other technological advances that are allowing businesses to know more than ever about their customers, but what does this mean for marketing as we know it? Well, if marketing is the effective promotion of a product, brand or service toward a profitable end, digital marketing, then, is a shift in the medium utilized to promote that product, brand or service. And if we combine the shift in medium and the shift in knowledge of our customers, then we’re in the midst of a much larger shift than you may realize. Thus, while we continue to grasp and leverage web-based innovations, social tools and mobile technology for marketing purposes, we cannot neglect the opportunity to maximize our marketing efforts through customer optimization. Funnel Envy’s infographic below¬† provides helpful insight on how we can do just that:

How to Generate Value from Digital Marketing
Source: How to Generate Value from Digital Marketing

Great Marketing According to Gary Vaynerchuck

by Caleb Gallifant

Gary V Great Marketing Quote