The “Make or Break” of a Break: Plan

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love breaks!  I wouldn’t make it far without them.  Furthermore, I believe breaks are monumental for personal growth.  However, you can’t flippantly walk into a break.  In order to exploit a break for all its worth, you must be intentional with how you approach it.  The difference here is huge: between having a break and letting a break have you.  One prepares and propels you; the other leaves you empty and tired.  So, here’s the third step to having an intentional, growth-filled break: Plan.

To start, set basic goals for the break.  To some this seems laughable, but for anyone who’s had a colossal break failure, you’re taking notes!  So, set aside a couple of things you want to see happen while you’re home.  Examples include how you will serve others, spend time with God, and walk in purity.  Be specific about those goals.  Remember, this isn’t homework – skimping and ambiguity helps no one.

Next, look towards next semester.  You don’t need to get overly-entrenched in school life again, but it would be helpful if you used some foresight to get a general idea of what the semester will hold.  Don’t be overly-idealistic about what you’re able to do and how you can give yourself; likewise, don’t walk in without a blueprint for what to expect.  I’ve found that getting an outline for the semester alleviates stress upon coming back to school and helps you stay ahead of your work.  Go ahead, get yourself a 2011 planner, take some notes, and get ready for a new decade!

Make sure to check out the first two ingredients to a growth-filled break: Rest and Read.

Stay tuned for planning ideas for 2011!

Caleb Gallifant


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