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World's Largest Webinar (#WLW14)

Dan Zarella at Hubspot hosted the World’s Largest Webinar on the “Secrets of Social Media Today.” Here are my notes from the presentations with live link examples:

Speakers: Dan Zarella, Russ Laraway, Scott Engelman, Jed Clevenger

Topic #1: How to Make Your Social Media Presence Awesome

  • Twitter: Create a Twitter profile that attracts more followers
    • Use bio to be descriptive & reflective of why you should follow
    • Include a URL
    • Make it easy to be found
    • Use photos to draw in people visually
    • 75% access people by mobile, so don’t disregard mobile
    • Ex. @Bonobos
  • Facebook: Build presence & make the right connections
    • Fill out complete and accurate info for a page
    • Great profile pictures
    • Use free tools: contact importer, friend invites
    • Test new types of content and explore page insights
    • Ex. SweetHaus
  • LinkedIn: Create a company page that is informative & engaging
    • Write a compelling business description
    • Use an eye-catching image
    • Ex. Huge

Topic #2: Getting the Most Out of Your Posts & Audience

  • Twitter: Get more engagements for your tweets
    • Give your followers what they want
    • 80% of content not focused on selling
    • Tweet about relevant industry topics
    • Use #Hashtags correctly – think of them like structured search.
    • Build communities around these.
  • LinkedIn: use snackable content, taking audiences mind into consideration
  • Facebook: Post engaging content and get in the right conversations.

Topic #3: Don’t Waste Money; Advertise Smartly

  • LinkedIn: use sponsored updates to amplify your message.
    • Get target content to an extended audience.
    • Get advertising to mobile, desktop and tablet audiences.
    • Ex. LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  • Facebook: use direct response advertising for amazing audience targeting.
    • Can reach whoever matters to you.
    • Four pillars of Facebook ad strategy:
      1. Ad Formats: create newsfeed ads
      2. Targeting: target people not cookies. Four types:
        1. Interest & demographic
        2. Custom audiences
        3. Website custom audiences (been to your website)
        4. Look-like audience
      3. Conversion tracking: link off site to a website
      4. Measurement: manage campaign costs and optimize
    • Ex. Little Passports
  • Twitter: Campaign copy should work for you.
    • Get more mileage out of your content.
    • Don’t distract with hashtags or mentions if you don’t need them.
    • Communicate a sense of urgency.
    • Deliver a compelling offer.
  • Facebook: be human – talk to people the way you would talk to them in person. Go to for help.
  • Twitter: Ad Performance Tips
    • On twitter it all comes down to relevancy – people connected to what they are interested in.
    • Ex. @BuzzStream
  • Facebook: Ad Performance Tips
    • Objective base create flow.
    • Power Editor is for scaling your ad creation.
    • Use targeting to make the ad relevant to the audience but not too narrow.
    • Use a clear call-to-action.
    • Refresh your ads every 2-4 weeks.
    • Ex. NatureBox
  • LinkedIn: Making the most of your ad dollars
    • Use your most engaging organic post rates (shoot for something above 1%).
    • Always monitor CTR.
    • Test different bids with various audiences.
    • Keep your ROI in mind with each campaign.
    • Ex. Mutual Mobile

Topic #4: Social Media-Wide Best Practices

  • Twitter: Ex. @Chegg
  • Facebook:Be authentic and use relevant images.
    • Don’t use too much “me”-content.
    • Ex. Facebook for Business (the irony here)
  • LinkedIn:
    • Consider images that are eye-catching.

Miscellaneous Questions

  • Should I post the same thing on all three accounts?
    • Different networks and deserve to be utilized individually.
  • Should I use “Follow Me” links on my website?
    • Use calls-to-action and spread your following around.

Final Thought

  • Always be testing – marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.


Overall the webinar was large, but also misleading. Unless you’re new to social media, none of the material mentioned was a “secret” of any kind. While the webinar was not a waste of time, three things could’ve been done to improve its quality:

  1. Better sound. The mic was terrible and most that engaged using the hashtag #WLW14 mentioned this.
  2. Better speakers. Aside from Zarella, Laraway was the only one who did not use notes.
  3. A More Accurate Title or More Promising Material. Based on the content of the hour long webinar, it should’ve been titled “An Overview of Social Media Today.”