CT Interview with Philip Ryken

 Sarah Pulliam Bailey with Christianity Today recently interviewed Wheaton’s incoming President, Philip Ryken.  As a Baylor alum, I must say I’m a little more thrilled with their news than ours.  Here’s a notable quote from Ryken in response to a question on how he will devote his energy at Wheaton:

One thing that I told the presidential selection committee that I want to cultivate campus-wide is a community of grace. I believe that true excellence, whether in academics or in other areas, is best inspired by a deep awareness of God’s love for us in Christ. I want to live and serve with a deep awareness of that in my own life and seek to cultivate it in whatever Christian community I belong to, and that now includes in a very intentional way Wheaton College.

May it be!  Read the rest of the interview here.

Caleb Gallifant


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