Consumers today are savvy, mobile, and connected. This means great companies must do two things well: reinvent themselves as a digital business and deliver remarkable customer experiences. That’s why I help customer-focused businesses become digital leaders that produce measurable marketplace impact.

How? I use customer insights and lean thinking to reinvent business models and create new revenue streams. I also connect the dots between digital marketing and sales by tying demand creation efforts directly to sales pipeline. I’m not merely interested in inspiring teams with what the future holds, but also leading them to take action through smart and quick testing to scale what’s delivering business value.

I’m a learner and entrepreneur with Fortune 100 experience, so I understand how to move ideas forward in a complex business environment. I stay current with emerging digital business trends like social, web, mobile, analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things that are shaping tomorrow’s businesses.

Contact me If you have any questions or would like to speak more about digital growth and transformation.


I’m married to Ashley and am the Dad to William and Julia. I received my BBA from Baylor University Hankamer School of Business and now live in Possibility City (Louisville, KY). I enjoy learning, golfing, reading, writing, traveling, coffee, and grilling with good friends.


This blog is not only meant to be informative, but also interactive – so blog comments are welcome! But don’t let the conversation end here – say hi to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. All that I ask is that the conversations that take place here and there would be charitable ones. If you’re not sure if your comments are too condescending, please refrain from posting them.

Any opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone, and do not expressly reflect the views of my employer or anyone else. I (Caleb Gallifant) assert my right to be known as the author of this work.

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