The “Make or Break” of a Break

Image from DavidWSmith on FlickrI love breaks!  I wouldn’t make it far without them!  Furthermore, I believe breaks are monumental for personal growth.  The time available in a break creates space for more than regulated growth; it’s possible to exploit that time creating exponential growth.  However, I realize breaks can also be tough.  Finding time and space can be tricky with family plans and old friendships.  This is why I believe you can’t flippantly walk into a break.  In order to exploit a break for all its worth, you must be intentional with how you approach it.  The difference here is huge: between having a break and letting a break have you.  One prepares and propels you; the other leaves you empty and tired.  Over the next week, I’ll be exploring three ways to have an intentional, growth-filled break:

  • Rest
  • Read
  • Plan

Caleb Gallifant


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