Support is dedicated to observing and examining how faith in Jesus intersects with the issues of daily life.  This site is committed to devotionally approaching what it looks like to have a deep life in God.  This site is also unashamedly focused on, and resourced for, God’s people (the church), providing insight into how contemporary issues affect the local and global church.

Aside from a decent time commitment, this site also requires a steady financial commitment.  In order to keep this site going monetarily, it will have to be self-sufficient and self-reproducing.  You can fund this site through two avenues: affiliate links and advertising.

Affiliate Links: You can also indirectly support this site by shopping through my affiliate’s links and images throughout my website.  For example, any time you purchase a book through a link on my website (whether by advertisement, picture review, etc.), I will receive a small percentage of the purchase.  So, if you’re planning on buying a certain book, buying it through my links and ads would be super-helpful!

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Thanks for your support in making this site what it is.

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