Sovereignty & Responsibility: A Challenge to the Reforming

Dave Harvey is the head of church planting and church care for Sovereign Grace Ministries and is a self-proclaimed “Reformer.”  Harvey recently released a book with Crossway entitled Rescuing Ambition aiming to clarify what it means to have Godly ambitions.  The back of the book sums it up well: “It’s time to reach further and dream bigger for the glory of God.”  Amen!

One passage from Harvey’s chapter on “Ambition’s Confidence” particularly grabbed me.  It is a challenge for the “Reformers,” but serves as a great reminder for all believers:

I believe there can be a tendency in our systematic world to allow a theological emphasis on God’s sovereinty – which is good and necessary – to wrongly mute a conscious awareness of our need to actively grow in faith.  If our understanding of doctrine creates passivity toward God’s empowering presence or cools the hot embers of our ambition, we’ve misunderstood God’s sovereignty.  When we rightly understand God’s caring control over all things, that knowledge should ignite a robust faith toward him and bold desire to act in our hearts.  We see God more clearly so our ambition can reach further (p. 85).

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Dave Harvey recently sat down with Desiring God for a two-hour live-streaming event.  You can watch the footage here.

Caleb Gallifant


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