Practicals: Practicing His Presence in the Workplace (Part 2a)

I realized this morning that I covered the fact that we want to learn how to keep an ongoing conversation with God throughout our daily tasks, but did not list any practical steps on how to approach this.  Thus, here’s a list of several things that can help foster a continual pursuing of and abiding in God’s presence:

  • Thankfulness: take two periods during your day to stop for 2-3 minutes to thank the Lord for who He is and what He’s done for you. 
  • Prayer moments: take a moment during the day to intercede for something or someone.  I witnessed this firsthand yesterday when our church planting director stopped his talk at 10:40AM (as his watch started beeping) to pray for the 10/40 window.
  • Reminders: set up one or two reminders on your desk or on your schedule (outlook, iCal, iPhone, etc.) to remind you of God’s love and your identity in Him.  If you have busy weeks on the horizon, set up several reminders in your phone or on your computer to encourage you in who He is in the midst of chaos (i.e. “Remember: He’s our refuge” or “I’m a man/woman of God saved by grace despite how I feel or how much/little I accomplish”).  You can also set an object on your desk that remindes you God loves you with an immense, unchanging love.  Every time you see it, you’ll be reminded of this wonderful truth.
  • Encourage others: over-introspection throuhout the day can severely detract us from abiding in God’s presence.  One simple way to counter this is to encourage others around the office or in a class.  We’re not trying to flatter or be cheesy, but embody what God’s love would look like for others.  This also includes sharing the Gospel, the hope of Jesus in us.

You might perceive this as being “self-help” and, in part, you’d be right.  These exercises are practices to help our self recognize God’s reality and presence throughout the entire day.  Encouraging one’s self in God’s truth is not a “positive thinking scheme,” it’s essential for our souls.

Caleb Gallifant


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