On Faith & Fads: Diagnosis From A Dead Guy

Seventeenth-Century Puritan preacher and author, Thomas Watson, observed that “Many people are unsettled, ready to embrace every novel opinion, adorning themselves in as many religions as fashions, because they are ungrounded.”  Plainly put, people would rather preoccupy themselves with the popular than tend to the essentials of the faith.  They would prefer arguing peripheral issues over deepening their roots in the Gospel.  Consequently, these ungrounded Christians, wearing faith like the latest fashion, live like firecrackers: they’re lit, then ignite for a nice “Oooo” and “Ahhh” effect, and yet finish with nothing to show but a smoldering, busted up wick.

So we see the issue, but how are we to respond?  We’ll try to land this ship discussing the importance of planting your feet next.

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Caleb Gallifant


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