Energy-Depleting Anger

Carolyn Arends, wrote a probing article on anger yesterday that is worth noting.  After recalling several examples of shortsightededness, Arends writes that handling anger and burdens the wrong way can severely sap one’s energy.  Arends continues,

How much energy do I expend trying to secure provisions, control outcomes, and manage people’s perceptions of me? Psalm 37 tells us that the meek give that labor up. They trust God’s claims that he will provide, protect, and defend, and in so doing free up resources for putting their hands to God’s plow. It’s a good plan.

Ultimately, Arends concludes we have a choice whether we will toil with our burdens from setting to setting or entrust them fully to Him.  “I’m not sure exactly what Jesus meant when he said the meek will ‘inherit the earth,'” writes Arends, “but I’ve certainly discovered that this world is a better place when I roll it off my shoulders and into his hands.”

Read the full article.

Caleb Gallifant


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