Cynicism (Part 1): Rooted in Naive Optimism

Paul Miller provides powerful insight on the prayer-killer of our day, cynicism, in his book A Praying Life

Cynicism begins, oddly enough, with too much of the wrong kind of faith, with naive optimism or foolish confidence.  At first glance, genuine faith and naive optimism appear identical since both foster confidence and hope.  But the similarity is only surface deep.  Genuine faith comes from knowing my heavenly Father loves, enjoys, and cares for me.  Naive optimism is groundless.  It is childlike trust without the loving Father.

Naive optimism is groundless because its anchor is not the Father, but the goodness of humanity.  Thus, it is bound to fail and disappoint.

More to come on the poison of prayer: cynicism.

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Caleb Gallifant


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