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Let me begin by saying I greatly enjoyed the Theology Matters blog put together by New Frontiers. If you enjoy thoughtful, devotional, and spirit-filled conversation on theology, this blog will be of service to you. Having said that, Liam Thatcher, pastor at Christ Church of London is out with a great article called, “Revisiting Piper on Mission and Worship.” Thatcher writes that everyone should be familiar with Piper’s legendary quote in Let the Nations Be Glad: “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” But have we really considered what this means. What is the priority explained here and how does this correspond with our missionally-charged day and age? Now to address any wayward thoughts you might have about Thatcher, Piper, or myself, this is not to negate or quench the flame of the church’s mission responsibility. Missions must be a priority. But missions must also be rightly placed. Thatcher aptly asks,

Are we in danger of creating a culture – which will only bear its bitter fruit in the next generation – in which the only model of worship that new disciples see is a short one, with two (maximum) inoffensive songs, and barely any Spirit-led interaction, which they then assume is what worship is meant to be like? What happens when those disciples become the next generation of church planters and worship leaders?

Read the whole article here.

Check out Piper’s book here.

Paul Miller’s book, A Prayer Life, is chock-full of wisdom on prayer. But Miller is more than wise, he’s incisive. He spends much of his time addressing our hearts in prayer. He’s not content to talk about strategies and methods to pray more consistently, though he doesn’t neglect those either. Miller spends a concentrated effort on the posture of our hearts toward God in prayer. Here’s an example I found illuminating:

When Jesus prays at Gethsemane “take this cup from me,” he is being real; Christians rush to “not my will, but yours be done” without first expressing their hearts (Luke 22:42, NIV).  They submit so quickly that they disappear…When we stop being ourselves with God, we are no longer in real conversation with God.

You can order Miller’s book here.

C. Michael Patton posted two helpful illustrations in his post “A Short Defense of Christianity (to Myself).” They’re worth a glance:

Tim Keller, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and Collin Hansen sat down for a roundtable discussion on revival. Let us herald with them, “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains might quake at your presence” (Isaiah 64:1):

Lord, Do It Again! from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.