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There are almost four times as many references to the Spirit in Acts as in Luke’s gospel. Although many of these texts are descriptions of people as Spirit-filled or Spirit-directed, the increase shows how the Spirit is now active in the community Jesus formed and how the coming of the promise enables the community to carry out its mission. The Spirit is now widely distributed across the whole of the community, not just in a few people as earlier.

Darrell Bock, A Theology of Luke and Acts, pp. 219-220

“And then you too will discover the great and curious truth of the human experience is that selflessness is the best thing you can do for yourself.  The sweetest joys of life, then, come only with the recognition that you’re not special.”

-David McCullough in his commencement speech at Wellesley High School (read the full speech here)

Tim Challies has had a neat series on his blog called Visual Theology. The series includes infographics communicating various elements relating to the Christian life. I’ve posted two thumbnails below, The Fruit of the Spirit and the Attributes of God. All of Challies’ graphics are downloadable at high-resolution to print out or use as desktop wallpaper. You can also purchase prints framed or not framed here.